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Love the graphics! Also took me a second to realize i could rotate with right click. I like the game, it's like 3D Angry Birds, very fun.

Seems simple, but is actually a really cute and fun puzzle game.

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Thanks for submitting!

great prototype

Oh hermano, esto debería llevarse un GOTY, amo los dinosaurio

Really lovely work! Finished it all! :)


dino breakout? more like human in a computer screen trying to rescue a random dinosaur

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Super fun little puzzle game! Had a few fun moments of realizing what the solution was and then executing it. Level 8 was really clever too!


Great puzzle design! :)

Great game visually and logically. I didn't realized that the right mouse has a control as well at first. However once I got a hold of that, it became much more fun!

I really enjoyed physics that Dino once again created in the game. Like the pixel arts that are skinned on the 3D objects. Overall game looks and fills awesome. Sort of like SNES/Switch vibes! Great work man. Bravo