Left ClickMiddle ClickRight Click and MoveR or Backspace

Totally unpolished prototype created in 48 shared team hours for the MatchaMaze spring jam.


BulletRailLinux.zip 52 MB
BulletRailMac.zip 46 MB
BulletRailWindows.zip 37 MB


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Really impressive implementation, but I would like to be able to evade the bullets by sidestepping. Accuracy with a touchpad mouse is bad, esp. on slow machines, making it real  hard.

Sidestepping? You mean with a/d or the arrow keys instead of the mouse?

Yes. Maybe it's to easy then. It's just a natural impulse. If something is about to fly in your face, you want to sidestep. 

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Jesus, Dino, I only managed to get to the second round, this is super touugh and fun!!!