External Assets:

ASCII Bitmap Font "oldschool" by domsson (CC0)

Music and sounds from the "Humble Music and Sound FX Bundle"


Windows.zip 35 MB
Linux.zip 37 MB


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Watch Text Only Jam (8 Bits to Infinity) Feedback Part 1/2 from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv

Fun side scrolling dungeon love the Houses the mobs kinda neat shooting the arrows and bombs to the moving targets, I also love the fact the terrain is somewhat forgiving allowing me to hit it and not blow up my ship the only thing I'm trying to get the feelof is just the Dragon aspect of this game but then again I kept dying at the Corrupted aka 2nd stage in lols :D cute ascii graphics btw!

This was really fun! The physics of the projectiles was unusual for a shmup, which lends it a lot of charm. I like the glitchy, homebrew vibe too.