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Oh my god. I love the idea of this game. It feels fun to explore the map. It's kind of weird to say, but it was fun dealing with the frustration of your guys having to run back and forth constantly between wagons to gear up to try to grab resources before they moved on. Which is weird to say, because I was also frustrated half the time by the fact my guys couldn't move fast enough to grab the resources before they moved offscreen.

Gameplay: I felt that the main challenge in the game is running back and forth between resources and switching out the roles of your workers under a time crunch because the terrain moves fast and your workers aren't very quick. The concept was surprisingly frustratingly fun. I especially liked the random things you'd find on different tiles, such as food bushes and wells. Those "surprise" elements helped the game not be repetitive.

Areas for Improvement: Although I welcomed the frustration of moving your workers slowly across the map, the collision detection made the gameplay go from challenging to frustrating. I felt especially frustrated when workers constantly get stuck on wagons when I want them to move past the wagons to a resource. They also got stuck against each other and bump into each other until the resource is out of sight. This felt bad and the game changed from being challenging to being unfair. This was especially frustrating when hunting. The workers seem to not auto-attack animals, so you have to click each one and hope they don't get stuck on something. Nothing feels worse than a hunter getting stuck on a water wagon because the wolf is on the wagon's opposite side! 

Hunting was the second most frustrating feature because your hunters do not auto-attack animals. Since you have to select each hunter one by one then click on an animal to hunt, the animals move too fast for the user to click each thing separately. After the animal dies, you are then also frustrated by the fact you have to collect the meat for 4-5 trips while the screen moves away. This, combined with the collision problem, combined with the normal gameplay of switching the character to a hunter, combined with selecting one hunter at a time, was too much. I really recommend tweaking this mechanic, as I feel it could be very fun, but needs to also feel balanced and winnable. 

Bugs: If you hug the ocean water on the south side of the map, one of your horse wagons can get stuck and you can leave it behind, aka you can no longer change worker professions! Hunting animals can spawn on the water, and you can kill animals on the water, so you can never pick up the meat. If there are no other animals nearby, you die of starvation even if the animal meat is standing right in front of you.

Final Word: This game is my jam and it is super fun to play! Even if you don't update this to fix the collision problems, it was a real pleasure to play and I really like your style. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I hope to see more great things from you in the future!


Howdy, and thank you for your encouraging words and the criticism! The newest update simplifies hunting and combat by allowing you to assign tasks to multiple units at once. It also improves unit pathfinding and should fix the bugs you mentioned. I hope this places our game at just the right level of "frustrating" :)


How do you find food?


There are fruit bushes randomly scattered across green land, but the most food can be acquired by hunting goats.


Hi, I made a review of your great game on YouTube.


really good game but its slow can you add 

x2 speed and pause option?


A fast forward button has been added to the game.