The Post Jam Update


The voting period is over, so we can finally update our entry!
We knew what we wanted to implement during the jam but didn't get to, and we read all of your comments, so we made quite a few changes to the post jam version.

The biggest changes:

  • Improved unit pathfinding - it's still not perfect, but way ahead of what it was
  • Wagons (should ;) ) no longer get stuck on edges of the map
  • Multi-unit task assignment allows for easier hunting and combat
  • Pacing issues? We slapped a 2x speed button into a corner

Smaller tweaks and fixes:

  • Icons indicate the action that a unit will perform
  • Hunters shoot animals faster
  • More enemies and animals on the map
  • Volume Sliders
  • Win and fail music
  • Enemies attack random targets instead of going for the nearest wagon

We hope this update makes this game less frustrating and more fun for you all!

Get Godspeed

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