Created in 72 hours for the "ScoreSpace x 8 Bits to Infinity Arcade Controls Jam"

Do not try to play this in anything other than 16:9, it will not work correctly!

Shoot with your minigun to move and kill small enemies

Use your shotgun for a quick speed boost and killing heavy enemies
ControllerLeft Control StickX / A
MouseLeft ClickRight Click
(not recommended)
WASD / ArrowsCtrl


Download 68 MB
Download 63 MB
Download 54 MB


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It's been almost a year since we made this game, time to make something as cool or cool er again haha

I really liked the atmosphere you created with the music and the sound, really cool! I also really like the concept of the game, and the mechanics, altough it's a bit hard... Or I'm just bad at the game, probably the last one :P Well done! fun game!


Watch Jam Game Showcase ~ Arcade Controls Jam Part 1 from MrJoshuaMcLean on


That's phenomenal. I love the design and art direction of the game. The sound is fitting, the gameplay is unique, and the challenge is perfect! I think you should consider taking it further! Also glad you mentioned that it's optimized for a controller.:)