As always, 20% of the experience took 80% of the time to implement ( I hate you, combo scoring system :D ) so the 2 level that are in here will probably only entertain you for like... 4 minutes... But hopefully you'll enjoy those 4 polished, very fine minutes! (jk its all a big buggy entangled mess of hard coded events)

After the jam ( 8 bits to infinity - revision jam btw, here is a link to the prototype this is based on that I made around 4-6 years ago: I'm even more convinced that this should become an actual mobile game; I'll probably continue to work on this one.

For anyone actually interested in the scoring, here are the combos I was able to check for before I was taken over by the sweet sweet relief of sleep:

"Single" to "Quad" kill - pretty self explanatory - 100 to 400 pts
"Kill Chain" - kill an enemy that also kills another enemy - 250 pts
"Traitor" - Make an enemy shoot another one - 150 pts
"Suicide" - Make an enemy kill itself - 200 pts
"Inside Man" - Make an enemy kill another one, that also kills another enemy - 400 pts
Every lost life costs you 10% of your score soooo... I probably should have only left you around 2-3 lifes for those few levels...

Well, thanks for playing!

Updated 21 days ago
Published 23 days ago
AuthorsDino0040, Mr.Hippo
Made withUnity
Tagscrazy, destroy, killer, Magic, unicorn


Download 34 MB


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