No goals apart from collecting every coin, destroying every jar and having platformer fun!

Pressing escape or 1 brings up the options menu.

Controller support is to be considered experimental.

Sorry, nothing special happens when you collect all the stuff except the empty feeling that you collected everything and nothing happened.

If you need a little help finding the next collectable, press h.


Download 47 MB
Download 44 MB
Download 44 MB


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Nice game, big gg. I feel a bit lost in the game and struggled killing those archer's ^^

For a 7 days game it's a really good work.

Have a good day.


This game is great! This prototype should definitely bleed into a really unique and fun game. You should definitely consider continuing development if you have already.

Really cool game :-)

Hey there just played the game for a bit.

I love concept! Playing with the boomerang was very fun.

I felt a bit directionless and didn't really know what to do. Maybe some instructions at the start would help. Also how do you defeat the enemies? Couldn't figure that one out.

Anyway, good game!

You have to throw the boomerang to them until they fall down. When they fall down, they die (and they make a horrible sound imo) (the sound kinda reminds me of the minecraft endermen, when it dies)!